White Sandunes - Bàu Trắng



White Sand Hill in Mui Ne is an invaluable gift that nature has given to Binh Thuan. White Sand dunes attract millions of local and foreign tourists each year.

Visit the White Sand dunes, visitors have the opportunity to admire the beautiful lotus pond amidst the vastness covered by sand dunes. Standing on the hill looking down, the lake in blue and pink lotus flowers look very poetic and full of vitality. Accompanied by that, the fresh water and cool blue lake seem to help remove the heat of the desert.

Lotus Lake and Sand dunes have been staying here for thousands of years. a large lake, bringing endless fresh water to the people here. White Pond is cut across by a long sand hill, divided into two separate parts with the ancient name is Bau Ong and Bau Ba. Although water lakes were created by nature, people here are still grateful for the water supply that feeds people and animals here in the dry season.

For the convenience to see the Sand Dunes, you should book a jeep tour to white sand hills and experience the fun feeling while sitting in the jeep airy conquesting the sand hills.
From Mui Ne -> you follow the Vo Nguyen Giap road -> connect Xuan Thuy -> connect the national road DT 716. Run about 12 km to White Bau and White Sand Hill.