Mui Me Fishing Village

Muine fishing village is located far away from the resort of Ham Tien about 5km. If scenery was shooted from above, you can see the familiar scene of the sea, the boat trawls on the offshore, which interlace with the brilliant blue basket boats.

Stepping down a long stair, you will reach the fish market. This is where local people go fishing every morning, as well as buying crabs, shrimps, fishes from the basket-boats just caught in. Mui Ne fishing village serves mainly for people's needs, where the villagers conduct the bidding, buying and selling every time when the fishes had been transferred from the sea. However, there are fresh seafood pots for tourists to buy, see the cooking process and even can eat right there.

The fishes are poured out a small canvas, then they will sort out the crabs, fishes by species, size and then retail to tourists or locals. Fishes and crabs are classified for sale to the stalls or local people. Fresh mussels are cheap, cheap fish are traded and exchanged quickly ... from Mui Ne fish market, depending on the size of the seafood, big or small, the quality of seafood will go to the seafood barn, restaurant or retail outlets on the market.