Fairy Stream

Mui Ne Fairy Stream. Indeed, unlike any stream in our country, Tien streams are characterized by reddish-brown Sand. This is a small water stream next to Hon Rom, due to hidden behind the sand dunes so not everyone knows. So, to go to Fairy Stream you have to find the way to Huynh Thuc Khang (Mui Ne Ward, Phan Thiet), then ask people where the entrance to the stream.

The stream is interesting because of the red sand color of this place. The stream is cool inside and not very deep so you can walk :). Fairy stream is not flowing swift but gentle drifting, the deepest is not deep at knees. Therefore, visitors here often carry shoes, walking in the sparkling orange stream, to feel the cool even in the hot weather. The water hit your feet, make it cool and bring you a hard express felling in the middle of the desert.

After the first 300 m walk, the place is ready nice for the scene. The highlight of the stream is the red poles that are hewn by the hand of the "waterman", which made monstrous towers, sometimes as the giant as a castle. There are many paths up the sand hill. You can go up there to see the panorama view of the Fairy stream from above. On one side is the green coconut lines, the other side of the sand wall has two colors.

at the end of the Red Stream, visitors will see a small waterfall. From here you can return to the old road or continue to explore the sand road along the mountain.Come here, visitors are immersed in pure pristine beauty. It only takes about an hour to be enough to see every things, but many people spend a day for fun in the scene, you can also visit the farm near fairy stream to ride ostriches.